Reading Media helps  students learn vocabulary in context. It provides built in dictionary, automatic quiz generated from reading text, integrated listening and reading aloud. Teachers may insert picture and video into the application as pre-reading activities.
Before the lesson begins teachers insert reading text into the application using his account. And making essay questions and answers. Students then choose the reading topic from the list. They individually try to understand the topic comprehensively. Using the built in dictionary, students simply double click the words which they do not understand the meaning. The application then show it on the left. To practice reading aloud, students may use the headphone to listen the topic and use their microphone to record their own voice and play it back later. By doing this, they can compare their own voice and the voice model they listened. After the students feel confident understanding the topic they may answer the essay questions. The application will score their answers automatically as soon as they click the correction button.
The following tasks for the students are multiple choice, jumble words, filling the gaps and error recognition. They are all generated automatically by the application.
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