Listening media application helps teacher create audio lessons from dialog text. It is easy to use simply by typing or copying a text into the application then listen the voice generated by the application or save the voice as mp3 files. The voice generated by the application are based on the speech engine you may have on your windows system. You can check the speech engine installed from control panel. I suggest you to have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 since both have great speech engine. You can also buy other speech engine from third party as well.

Listening media application is not just text to speech, it has some more functions as follow :

  • Voice Selection
List of voice are displayed based on what we type in the text box. Select the voice from the dropdown on the left and match with the speech engine. Do the same for the next voice.
    • Repetition
    Use this keyword "Listen=2" at the beginning line of the text and "End" at the end of the line. We can also listen three times, four times and so on. In addition to type the keyword manually, you can quickly right click to choose the keyword.
    • Speed
    To make the voice slower is easy by dragging the slider to the left.
    • Insert External sound
    External sound can be integrated along with the dialog text so that the dialog will sound natural. For instance if the dialog happens in an airport, you can insert sounds of situation in an airport. To do this, place the cursor in a certain row and just right click on the text box, then choose insert external sounds.

    • Silence between each voice
    Silence period between each voice is easy by dragging the slider to the right.

    • Save audio as mp3 or wav files
    When you finish typing the dialog text, it's time for you to convert the text as mp3 or wav file, so that you can listen them without the application. 
    • Dictation
    Dictation is necessary whenever your students want to repeat certain sentences or certain words. To do this, simply select the sentences then press F10, F11, or F12 to listen it by sentences, by words, or by letters.

    Download here
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    2. Untuk dialog yang menggunakan 2 suara atau lebih, gimana yaa....?

    3. Great software, Sir. I've bought pro version and used it to create my listening test but can I review this software on my blogs?thanks in advance.

    4. Great app. Thanks, sir. How can I get demo video? Need your help to insert "pause" and others. Thank you


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    12. gmn cara downloadnya ya pak ? selalu error padahal sangat bagus dan saya butuhkan untuk kuliah:")